Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!

What are 5 things that make you most happy right now? 

1.  The feeling of my husbands arms around me.
2.  Waking up to a 16 month old laying in her bed saying MOMMA!!!
3.  Watching an 11 year old get playing time as a result of him working hard at practice. 
4.  Coming to a job that I love.
5.  Knowing that our lives are right where God had planned for them to be. 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Good morning everyone.  Back to the challenge.  What is a misunderstanding that people have about you? 

I believe that a misunderstanding that people have about me is that I am not very nice and hard to get along with.  However when people get to know me they know that I tend to tell it like it is and they either love it or hate it.  I don't tend to sugar coat things and my friends respect me for that.  I guess I give off an unapproachable vibe and that is sometimes hard to break down.  If someone would take the time to get to know me they would realize that I am very loving and would do anything for someone.  I would hope that if you ever asked one of my friend that they would say that about me. 

Oh what a weekend.  I had Friday off because of Parent teacher conferences.  So Lynnli and I went to Winfield to see the chiropractor and then had lunch with mom and dad.  Saturday consisted of watching Brayden play soccer then heading to Towanda for football.  Sometimes I wish we just had  a weekend to be a family and have a good time together instead of being on the run all the time.  Here's to hoping that everyone had a great weekend and that your week goes as well as ever. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where would you live?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

I would love to live on a beach in the southern part of the US.  I can say that now but I have never been there so I don't know that it would be a place that I would like to be 365 days out of the year.

Out of the places that I have visited I love the Vegas area but would definately want to live far away from the strip.  Sure it gets hot there but it isn't the same kind of hot as it is here. 

Mostly I want to live where my family is.  I love the Kansas/Oklahoma area.  The politeness of the people in this area is wonderful.  I can remember going to New York and thinking how rude the people were.  Then we ran into a lady that was so nice and helpful.  Come to find out, she was from Iowa.  The friendliness of the people in this area will keep me here.  Plus I am way too involved in my extended families lives to just up and move somewhere far far way. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm on a roll......3rd post this week....4th post in the challenge

Describe 5 weaknesses you have. 

1.  I feel that a weakness I have is not telling people NO.  This leads to me being overloaded with things to do and feeling very anxious because of it. 

2.  I'm not very good about talking about what is wrong.  I will keep things in until it is too much and then things get ugly and I blow up.  I should learn to just talk about it and deal with the little issues instead of blowing up and having to deal with the huge issue. 

3.  I'm an impulse buyer.  Instead of thinking if we need something, I will impulse buy it and then regret it later. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  We are now on the down hill slope.  I am making it through my long week.  This week is Parent Teacher conferences at school so we were at work til 8:00 pm on Tuesday night and then from 8:00 am til 8:00 pm on Thursday night.  Thank goodness that is followed by a Friday off and then the weekend.  Now if I could just get motivated to get some painting done and some moving done it would be a great weekend. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where do you see yourself?

Question for the day......Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? and 15 years? 

Five years from now I see myself raising a wonderful 16 year old, 6 year old and a 3 or 4 year old. Gage will be a Junior in high school and active in tons of activities and school.  Lynnli will be 6 in five years and in her first year of school and with any luck she will have a beautiful little brother who will be 3 or 4.  I love being a mom and want to have another child.  We will still be living in El Dorado with me teaching and Greg working hard everyday to provide for our growing family.  Hard to believe that I will be turning 40.  I would like to be taking another Vegas trip for my birthday like we did when I turned 30. 

Ten years from now is harder to picture.  I would guess by then I would be a grandma because Gage will have found someone very special and be working on a family.  Lynnli and Tollen (our future boys name) will be in high school or almost and we will be running ragged with sports and music and whatever else the kids find as their knack in life.  Greg and I will be more in love then we are right now and having a wonderful time with our kids and/or grand kids. 

Fifteen years from now.....oh wow that seems like a very long time but I know it will fly by quickly.  All kids (if we only have 1 more) will be out of the house and Greg and I will be adjusting back to life as a couple not just as parents.  We will have some wonderful adult children whom have made their places in the world and are learning how to be productive in society.  Greg and I will be able to do some traveling and seeing parts of the world that we had only dreamed of seeing. 

I know my answers are pretty generic but sometimes you just have to take the days and years as they come so you aren't let down when things don't work out the way you thought.  I know there are things that I thought would happen in my life already that haven't and I was very disappointed at the time but now I see why they happened and that my life is right where it needs to be and I am LOVING it. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh what a weekend....Challenge Day 2

I guess I am going to just have to commit to doing a post every day during the work week.  The weekends are so crazy and I seldom have time to even open my computer.  We had an all day rain on Saturday which was nice, thank God for a sump pump that works really well.  I kept telling myself all day...Rain rain go away we have things to do today.  Since we had no football games this weekend our goal was to complete our move from the old house.  However, the rain had another idea.  So Sunday was the day.  We got several things moved and everything out of cabinets.  Still have some stuff to box up and tons of cleaning to do.  Then the old house will be on the market.  Lynnli would only allow us to work for so long before she needed a nap.  With no where to sleep at the old house we made brought the load to the new house and she was OUT.  Slept for about 3 hours which was nice because it allowed me to get a little sleep as well.

Sunday I decided that when Greg or I go to the bathroom Lynnli has to as well.  So I did that and guess what.  Lynnli peed in the potty.  I'm not sure at what age kids are potty trained but Lynnli sure is interested.

So here is the challenge...this one will make you think a little bit.  Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears. 
1.  I fear not having an impact on any student.  I have always been told that if you can have an effect on at least one student you have done your job as a teacher.  I love what I do but if I don't impact at least one kid am I really in the career that I should be in? I don't want to be a failure so I hope that someone has been effected due to me being a teacher to them.
2.  Snakes.......I don't know what it is about snakes.  I can't even go in the amphibian house at the zoo.  I get the chills and feel very anxious. 
3.  I fear not having a good relationship with my kids.  I had a great relationship with my mom and I just hope that I can have that same kind of thing with my kids. 

So there is your challenge.  As far as I know only one person has taken me up on the challenge.  If you have not please join in.  It's never too late.  Plus I have 30 days worth of questions :)

Have a great week 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

20 Random facts about myself.......

Challenge day one.........20 Random facts about myself.  My challenge to you is to answer them for yourself  :) 

1. I love to color my hair and do different things with it.
2.  I'm a little (no wait ALOT) OCD
3.  I married my soul mate.
4.  I have a shoe fetish that has now turned into my daughter having TONS of shoes.
5.  I love working with the difficult students at school. 
6.  I love to play volleyball.
7.  I miss coaching sometimes.
8.  I clean when I get angry or mad.
9.  I would like to be a full time mom.
10.  I like to match my shoes or glasses to whatever I am wearing.
11.  I love SOONER football
12.  I like to cook.
13. I sometimes feel under appreciated and taken advantage of. 
14.  I love to sleep in.
15.  I want more kids.
16.  I wish I could go to Vegas once a year.
17.  I have never been out of the country but would like to.
18.  My truck is a pig sty because we live in it most the time.
19.  I want to put bright blue or pink highlights in my hair.
20.  I love my family.........

Topic tomorrow:  fears